Synthetic Turf Studies

OEHHA has conducted studies on potential negative human health effects associated with the use of recycled waste tires in playground and synthetic turf products.  In June 2015, OEHHA committed under a contract with CalRecycle to conduct a new study on synthetic turf and potential human health impacts.  The new study is comprised of five separate tasks: 

  • Expert and stakeholder input and consultation
  • Hazard identification
  • Exposure scenario development
  • Sampling and analysis of new and in-field synthetic turf
  • Biomonitoring study protocol development

For information about the OEHHA Synthetic Study, please contact Sam Delson at (916) 324-0955 or

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Image of Synthetic Turf and Crumb Rubber Products

Synthetic Turf News

Dec 9, 2015: Synthetic Turf Scientific Advisory Panel
Biographies are available for the members of the Synthetic Turf Scientific Advisory Panel.  This panel provides advice on the design and implementation of OEHHA’s synthetic turf study.