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The mission of the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is to protect and enhance public health and the environment by scientific evaluation of risks posed by hazardous substances.

Here is a sample of our activities:

  • Assess health risks posed by chemicals that may be present in air, drinking water, food, consumer products, homes and workplaces
  • Measure the health and environmental effects of climate change, and the impacts of pollution on vulnerable communities.
  • Provide support for these activities through information technology, human resources, budgets and accounting, contract management and business services.

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We Have Openings

Position Title Section and/or Branch (Click on link for job posting)
Deputy Director Executive Office (Sacramento)
Associate Toxicologist Cancer Toxicology and Epidemiology Section (Sacramento or Oakland)
Senior Toxicologist  Reproductive Toxicology and Epidemiology Section (Sacramento or Oakland)
Associate Personnel Analyst Human Resources Branch (Sacramento)
Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) Safer Alternatives Assessment and Biomonitoring Section (Sacramento or Oakland)
Health Program Specialist I Safer Alternatives Assessment and Biomonitoring Section (Sacramento or Oakland)
Associate Budget Analyst Fiscal Services Branch (Sacramento)
Research Scientist III (Epidemiology/Biostatistics) Reproductive Toxicology and Epidemiology Section (Sacramento or Oakland)
Associate Toxicologist Reproductive Toxicology and Epidemiology Section (Sacramento or Oakland)
Deputy Director Deputy Director, Office of External and Legislative Affairs (Sacramento)
Associate Toxicologist Pesticide and Food Toxicology Section (Sacramento or Oakland)

Hiring in Two Locations

Oakland: 1515 Clay Street

Sacramento: 1001 I Street


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How to Apply for a Job at OEHHA

Visit the CalCareers page for additional information

Step 1 - Search

Click on “New to State Service” on the CalCareers page, where you can browse career fields and see available jobs. Once you find a job you want to apply for, read the job’s bulletin to see the qualifications needed.  Create a CalCareers Account.

Step 2 - Assessment

Take an exam. Depending on the job classification, your education, experience, abilities, and knowledge will be evaluated either through a self assessment or an exam. Candidates ranked in the top three tiers are eligible to be interviewed for positions in that class.  Learn more about exams for jobs at OEHHA.  

Step 3 - Apply

Apply for vacancies.  Once on a list, you may apply for vacancies in the job class for which you have obtained list eligibility.  Fill out the standard state application and submit online or mail a hard copy to apply for job vacancies. Or, take full advantage of the CalCareers site and use your account, creating your application electronically, so that you can manage, submit, and track your job applications.

State Civil Service Positions at OEHHA

Positions in these classifications (entry level to management level) depend on experience and educational attainment (e.g., BA/BS, MS, MD, PhD). Click links for information on required qualifications.



State government jobs in California offer a wide range of benefits.  For an overview, visit the Cal HR new employee benefits page.

The boxes below link to specific information on a selection of some of the many benefits available to OEHHA employees as state workers.