Comment Submissions - Proposed Adoption of Exposures to Listed Chemicals in Coffee Posing No Significant Risk

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08/25/2018 - 10:52pm
I would like to express my strong support for your Proposed adoption of Coffee posing No Significant Risk - As a lifetime resident of California, as well as a business owner and employer in the coffee industry for over 35+yrs , I can understand the State's motivations for Prop 65 protections, but I also believe that reason dictates that certain products be exempted--specifically COFFEE, which causes NO harm to the population, and which, in fact, provides many benefits to coffee drinkers. Predatory litigation leads to uncertainty and higher business costs, and intrusion on consumer discretion. Clarity leads to common sense solutions, and re-validates the original intent of Prop 65 to Californians. This is an important moment for California--let’s do what we all know is the RIGHT THING to do--adopt COFFEE as posing NO significant risk and exempt it from Prop 65, and keep Prop 65 focused on the real issues it was intended to protect against. I strongly urge all Californians to support the CA Proposal to EXEMPT COFFEE from Prop 65 as it poses NO SIGNIFICANT RISK and to do so before August 30!! Richard Kourafas President, M. P. Mountanos of SoCal, Inc.