Comment Submissions - Proposed Adoption of Exposures to Listed Chemicals in Coffee Posing No Significant Risk

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Tim J
Received on: 
08/23/2018 - 7:51am
Coffee must be removed from Prop 65 list. Reason one the World Health Organization (WHO), shows that coffee prevents certain cancers and that coffee drinkers live longer, they removed coffee as harmful to humans. Reason two, why list it as cancer causing when the only thing proven is it reduces cancer. There has never been a single proven cancer case caused by drinking coffee. Coffee became popular in the United States in 1773. This alone not including the rest of the world (they have been consuming coffee for 100's of years longer) has given us more than enough time to see if coffee was causing cancer. Coffee has not therefore why have a deceiving cancer warning? What warnings are we to believe and what warnings are we to ignore?