Comment Submissions - Proposed Adoption of Exposures to Listed Chemicals in Coffee Posing No Significant Risk

Comment by: 
Gare Clark
Received on: 
08/20/2018 - 9:23am
Support for Proposed Adoption of Coffee posing No Significant Risk - Prop 65 was enacted to protect Californians water supply from toxic substances that cause cancer or harm to the population. Coffee poses no such risk, and has more likely been proven to be healthy and possibly 'prevent' some forms of cancer. It is important that the State of CA not allow unsavory litigation tactics to put coffee under Prop 65, and expose just about every business in CA to needless litigation and open-ended costs - I say every business because if they (every business) haven't sold it, they probably provided it to their employees. This is Pandora's Box... Let's keep CA on track, protect businesses from unnecessary litigation, and keep Prop 65 in place for what it was intended for - to protect Californians from things that can actually harm them.