Comment Submissions - Proposed Adoption of Exposures to Listed Chemicals in Coffee Posing No Significant Risk

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Concerned coffee drinker
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07/29/2018 - 8:29am
I agree with the proposed adoption of new section under article 7 no significant risk levels for coffee. This will only confuse people as there is no proven risk of cancer there are many things on prop 65 that may protect the people of California this is not one of them. This also creates an unnecessary burden on companies and businesses selling coffee and will result in job loss in this industry in California as it will be more expensive to operate in California than other States. Coffee companies will move and the coffee importers in California will move to another Sates that has a port such as N.Y. or Louisiana. Coffee is the second traded commodity in the world and a very large portion of US coffee currently come in though the Oakland bay and the coffee industry will require these importers to leave that state if they are forced to put an in deserved warning with undeserved penalties. Nothing good for the people of California would come from a prop 65 warning.