OEHHA performs a variety of activities related to the protection of human health from toxic effects of pesticides:

OEHHA and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) have shared responsibility for many of these activities.

Questions about Pesticides? Contact the Pesticides office: (510) 622-3170 or email

Education and Training

Educational materials for health care providers and general public

Illness Reporting

How to report and reporting requirements

Invasive Species

Assessment of chemicals used to control invasive species

Medical Supervision

Identify and prevent excessive exposures to pesticides

Peer Review

Peer review of toxicology data and risk assessments

Pesticides Reports, Notices and Documents

All pesticide related notices

Reports, Notices, Documents

Dec 19, 2017: Guidelines for Physicians-6th edition (December 2017)
OEHHA publishes the Guidelines for Physicians - a booklet that describes the state program of ChE monitoring for agricultural pesticide mixers/loaders/applicators who regularly handle toxicity Category I and II OP or CB pesticides.