New Requirements & Responsibilities

In January 1, 2017, additional reporting requirements were added to the medical supervision program. Medical supervisors are now required to:

  • Register with OEHHA in order to contract with an employer.  Registration is free and registration form can be downloaded at:
  • Indicate on the laboratory test requisition form:
    • Whether the test is for an agricultural worker in the Program.  If so, then:
      • Must indicate the purpose of the test, that is, whether the test is for:
        • baseline
        • follow-up
        • recovery
      • Must include the name and contact information of the medical supervisor who ordered the test. 
    • Whether the test is for evaluation of a suspected pesticide illness case.
  • Ensure that both the tested worker and the employer receive a copy of these test results and any recommendations based upon those results within 14 days of the medical supervisor receiving the results.
  • Report any worker with a cholinesterase depression indicating pesticide exposure to the local health officer as a pesticide illness.