Guidelines for eating fish and shellfish

Fish Advisories

Advice for eating fish and shellfish that you catch

Fish Advisory Map

Map of current statewide and site-specific advisories

Benefits and Risks of Eating Fish

Learn about the benefits and risks of eating fish

Domoic Acid

Information on domoic acid (a marine biotoxin) in fish and shellfish

Oil Spills and Seafood

Evaluation of seafood safety following oil spills.

Chemicals in Fish

Sources and health effects of chemicals in the fish we eat

Technical Documents

Fish protocol documents and other resources

Education and Outreach Materials

Helpful links and videos


Fish advisory information in other languages.



Reports, Notices, Documents

Jan 23, 2020: Topaz Lake
Fish advisory for Topaz Lake in Mono County.
Nov 18, 2019: Taylor Lake
Fish advisory for Taylor Lake in Imperial County.


Fish Advisory Map

View maps of current statewide and site-specific advisories

Advisory Map

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