Basic Information

OEHHA's web pages are located on a web server (read: large computer). We store files on that computer which you can download. "Downloading" is the act of copying a file from one computer on the information superhighway to another computer. The highway analogy holds for most downloading activities. Downloading goes fastest when there are less people on the road, smaller files travel faster, etc.

OEHHA documents are available in the following ways:

  • This site includes downloadable documents in the formats listed below*. Links to free viewing software for these formats are included for your convenience.

  • Adobe Reader (PDF/Acrobat)
  • Windows Media Player
  • Alternative formats / Accessibility
     At OEHHA we do our best to provide accessible documents. These documents are more portable and usable for everyone, not just people with disabilities because accessible documents work better across all web browsers, computer systems, and other devices. In addition we are happy to provide any of our information in a format that is most useable to you. If you need a document in large print, Braille or other format, please contact Web Accessibility, or (916)327-7333 to request any OEHHA document in an alternate format.

Recommended Web Browsers

For best viewing, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the most current version of your web browsers' software. Below is a list of widely-used web browsing software and links to download them at no cost to you.


I downloaded a PDF file and my screen is black. What's wrong with your files?
It sounds like you have an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. In order to be compatible with screen readers we have upgraded our Adobe program. You can upgrade your program for free at the Adobe web site.

I went to get "that Acrobat program", but it costs $300! I don't want to spend that much!
STOP! You're considering purchasing the full Adobe Acrobat package! You want the Adobe Acrobat READER, which is a FREE product available on Adobe's web site! Adobe Acrobat is an excellent application for web publishing, but you only need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open OEHHA documents.

I'm still lost. How do I get more help!?!
You can contact the OEHHA E-mail your questions to Webmaster.


OEHHA (and all other California State agencies) is in the process of converting its pages to updated templates using the latest web technologies meeting accessibility standards. Those pages that have been converted use a special style sheet for printing, which removes the navigation pieces at the top and sides and prints only the "content." This saves paper and ink by removing content not specific to the individual page being printed. To print a page as it appears on screen, you will need to use "print screen" or a screen capture program.

*The reference to this software or software archive does not constitute an endorsement nor an assurance of quality by either The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment or The State of California.