Carol J. Monahan Cummings, Chief Counsel OEHHA

Carol J. Monahan Cummings was appointed Chief Counsel at OEHHA in October 2003. In this capacity, Ms. Monahan advises the Director, other Executive Office members, as well as staff on all legal matters affecting OEHHA. Principal areas of responsibility include: Proposition 65, regulations, and serving as liaison to the Attorney General's Office for all lawsuits in which OEHHA is a party.

Prior to coming to OEHHA Carol Monahan Cummings served as an Assistant General Counsel for the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) between September 2001 and October 2003. She was primarily responsible for providing legal support for the Environmental Justice program, ethics and personnel issues for the Agency as well as for coordinating cross-media task forces, investigations, and related litigation. Before coming to CalEPA, Ms. Monahan-Cummings was a prosecutor with Sacramento County where she prosecuted criminal and civil environmental enforcement actions including illegal hazardous waste transportation, storage and disposal cases; and water and air pollution cases. She received her law degree from Empire College School of Law in Santa Rosa, California where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1995.